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Sunday, December 18, 2011, 3:20 AM

Okay, honestly...I feel like deleting my fanfics. Seriously.
I feel like i'm not getting any support TT but then i looked back
at all the chapters i've written and decided that I should just continue with it.
I mean, who cares of no one is reading it (me :<). at least i have my friends~
well, they aren't reading either but oh well!

now, i've started a new story called Meet Pinocchio. So basically, it's about
Pinocchio, the wood puppet that wants to be a real boy. It's almost like that
in this story and it's starring Hoya from Infinite x3 hehehe, yeah~
i'm a HUGE Infinite fan :D lool. but my bias is Sungyeol~ lalala.

if you're interested enough to read, just hop over here and check it out :D
if you're kind enough, check out my other fanfics ei? ^^

p/s: i feel like no one is visiting this place anymore :< eottokae?

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